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Why Do I Make Art?

I have been giving this question a lot of thought lately. The answer tuns out to be multi faceted. I make art because I thoroughly enjoy the process. I make art to create my own world of peaceful beauty, something sadly lacking in my childhood. I make art to express my feelings. I make art to capture a scene or an animal that may disappear forever. I make art to bring joy to the viewer, capturing a moment in time that reaches a heartstring, recalling memories of another time in their life.

Most of all, it is because I want people to know I was here. A mark on the world to signify my presence. I try to use archival materials so that my paintings will last for a long time after I leave this world.

I am compelled to make art, it isn't really a choice that I consciously make. I sincerely hope that one of my paintings will speak to you and pull on your heartstrings. From my creaky easel to your heart.

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