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About Creaky Easel

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My name is SueEllen Cowan and I live near Grande Prairie, AB Canada. I was born in Chlliwack, BC and soon after moved to Wainwright, AB where I grew up.  


Although I loved to draw, I really didn't have much time for it as our 4 children were added into the mix. A series of moves for better jobs brought us to Terrace, BC.  It wasn't easy, often bumpy along the way, but we survived the rough spots and appreciated the smooth places! Can you believe that we are still married 49 years later?  While my children were growing, I stayed home with them and educated myself through correspondence. When my youngest started school, I went to work as an accountant and ran my own business for several years until we moved to Alberta for Ken's work. 


My paintings embody my personal interests. I am mostly drawn to landscapes and animals, however I do paint a wide variety of subjects. In every painting I strive to create landscapes that aren’t simply copies of nature but a reflection of the emotion that the light,  shadows, color and forms arouse in me.  My goal for every painting is to achieve a convincing sense of reality. My paintings reflect the joys, sorrows and triumphs of my life and they strive to evoke similar emotion in the viewer.  


For the most part, I paint landscapes and wildlife  because I love the natural world around me. Everywhere, there is beauty in nature if you look for it. Colors, light and shadow, and definitely form attract me. I am compelled to paint, even obsessed at times. Where do we go from here? Only time will tell but I am hoping that something will ring true for you in one of my paintings and it will go from my creaky easel to your heart.

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