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Autumn at The Creaky Easel

As autumn hangs in the air, the mornings are much cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn. With all this color around me, how am I supposed to create monochromatic paintings? I am almost finished with those as the deadline for entry fast approaches. On my big easel is a bison portrait that I have been working on in oils which you may have seen at one stage or another on social media. The painting below is monochromatic and colorful at the same time. I used only 3 colors in it's creation - burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and indian yellow.

I have 3 upcoming shows to enter submissions for and am working on a local mural project which is slowly moving along. I am hampered by my rural location as I have loaned my vehicle to my daughterinlaw for getting herself to work because her vehicle is in the shop and awaiting a part that GM can not even give her a date for availability. I am also creating some miniature paintings and planning to make some cards to sell locally in the gift shop near me. Due to the way the Beaverlodge Arts and Cultural center has been so supportive of my work, I am now able to feel comfortable showing my work in person. Harmony inspires my creativity and it is delightful to spend a bit of time with her at the gallery.

Usually I try to spend at least 6 hours a day painting. Creating, drawing, framing, varnishing, promoting, packaging and prepping panels etc. eats up a lot of time. I am fortunate enough to see my grandchildren daily and often have them working on acrylic paintings or drawings. I also have 2 dogs that demand attention and lure me outside to play. The garden is almost done for the year and the canning cupboard is full.

I am off to mix some paint and get to work. Take care and enjoy your day wherever you are Thank you for reading this!

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