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The Summer Scoop!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in and support of my work. Having your encouragement along the way has enabled me to do the work that I am doing now.

This has been a very exciting summer for me. I have started working on a mural for the Beaverlodge Art Club which is inside the doorway of the Beaverlodge Area Cultural Society. This is a lovely ongoing project done by several artists as part of the Enchantment Project started by Cathrine Gabriel. I am also participating in 2 local exhibitions, one in Grande Prairie at the Centre for Creative Arts for the Light and Reflections Show and one in Beaverlodge at the Celebration of Trees Exhibit. On top of that, I have participated in a few online exhibitions. The pieces below are 2 of my entries for the Clelbration of Trees and look so much better in person.

In the near future, I will offer for sale some prints made of select pieces. Cards and postcards will also be available soon.

Several new art pieces are in the works, I have been practising monochromatic artworks and hope to post a series of pieces soon. A 24x24 inch bison portrait is also on my easel.

Thanks again for all your support. I hope to see you at an exhibit soon or speak to you in person or through DMs or email. Have a wonderful summer and stay safe wherever you are.

Sue E. Cowan

Creaky Easel Art Studio

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