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Crazy Artist!

You would think that an artist could just create art all day long but in this current time, one must learn new skills like marketing, website creation and updating, social media, all of which require a bit of training which is readily available on the internet if one searches for it.

There is the preparation of canvasses and panels; varnishing, storage and after care of the artworks; cleaning and maintaining the studio; keeping in touch with clients; shipping out artworks, organizing materials, reference photos and artwork photos for easy access when needed; ordering of supplies and all the while trying to appear organized and prepared.

On top of all of this are one's regular household duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and keeping the house stocked and maintained; socializing with family and friends, mostly through electronic devices these days but still, it takes up time; caring for other family members and pets; gardening and the list goes on!

Then one must consider what is involved in painting outdoors, supplies to be packed and transported to locations. Paint, mediums, panels, brushes, palette knives, wipes and paper towel, an easel, camera and tripod.

Who would take on such a challenge? An artist, of course! It is all worthwhile just to be able to indulge our passion!

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