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Overcoming Challenges

As many of you know, I have MS. This creates many challenges. I get spasms which cause paint to go where I do not want it. Sometimes, it works out very well and it becomes a 'happy accident'. Other times it can make quite a mess and cause me to have to redo sections of a painting.

Yesterday, I dropped my gesso container. What a mess! Gesso slopped everywhere including over a painting I had just underpainted. As it turned out, when I wiped off the gesso, it turned out to have created the misty look I was going for!

Each day brings new struggles but I won't let MS beat me. Whatever the challenges of the day, I improvise, adapt and overcome. Don't let the challenges that come your way defeat you. Take a breath and think of a way to make a positive result. We can build from adversity.

For all the changes in the world today, closures will bring new ideas and businesses will improvise and adapt. The only thing constant is life is change. We must embrace it and move forward.

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