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The Season of Color

There is a crispness in the air now and we watch the lovely green colors of summer change to the vivid yellows and oranges of autumn. I love this season for it's beauty and the lingering warmth of the summer. The slight chill reminds me that winter is on it's way and I must complete outdoor chores and begin stocking up for the winter.

This is where I live, love, enjoy life and create. We enjoy the visits from deer, moose, elk, foxes, coyotes and bears as well as the grouse, ducks, geese and other birds that are so abundant in the area. You can see the inspiration for painting is right outside my window, I have created many pieces just gazing out my studio window.

I have decided to have my first ever sale, hoping to create a little more space in the studio for new items, stock of new canvasses and boards and display space for current artwork. For the month of September you will receive 25% off all artwork by entering the promo code MakeRoom25 at the checkout.

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