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The Artist's Struggle

I have been struggling lately with a few issues. The first is adjusting to a newly semi-retired husband. It is difficult to get in the painting time now because he is unsure of what to do with himself. The projects he has done always seem to require some assistance from me, so I drop what I am working on to help him.

The second issue is trying to be the promoter, agent and accountant as well as the creator. Due to the first issue, I have fallen short on posts and keeping my receipts etc organized as well as keeping in touch with my local galleries. Getting panels cut and prepped for painting eats up another chunk of time. I am also chief cook and bottle washer here and I have grandchildren in and out of the studio at various times during the day. Sometimes we all paint together or have a one on one for art or just hanging out. Don't get me wrong, I love this part of my life but it all adds into the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and unless I learn to be selfish occasionally I will continue to struggle with time management. I find it much easier to say I need my space when I have a deadline for a commission, a show or deadline to meet.

The third issue lately has been the wildfires here in Alberta. My air quality has deteriorated and with my asthma, breathing is difficult and I tire more easily. This compounds the first 2 issues. We are on alert with a possibility of evacuation if the smoke gets worse or the fires get closer.

I hear others say they do not know what they want to paint, but I can not say that I have ever struggled with this issue, just the time to paint all of the things that impassion me. Others are suffering with artist's block, unable to put a stroke on a canvas or panel, this has never been an issue for me. Sometimes, I may not want to start a piece simply because I am afraid someone will distract me and I need a certain amount of time just to get the piece laid out. Each painting takes hours and hours to from the concept to the sketches, to the drawing on the panel before I can even start painting. Once the inspiration hits, I am totally 'zoned in' to getting it on a canvas or panel and get 'stuck into it'.

Here is a copy I did recently of a Peder Mork Monsted painting called the Flusslandschaft im Spreewald. It is not anywhere near as good as the old master, but I love it.

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