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Loss and A New Beginning.

I have not been very active lately with artwork. My world shifted and painting has just been too difficult. I lost my studio buddy, Oscar. My heart is aching. This little guy was with me in the studio for almost 17 years. He was happy and content as long as he could see me.

Forcing myself to pick up my paintbrush has definitely helped a little to ease the loss of his passing. As I concentrate on the details, my mind lets go of the fact that he is not there, watching me as always, silently critiquing my work. He was never harsh in his critiques even though I have produce more than a few that he could lift his leg on!

This new beginning has me determined to honor his memory by producing better paintings more consistently. I am now going to put myself and my art above the distractions of daily life. Life is fragile and time slips away from us and I no longer think I have time to waste on unimportant matters.

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