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Fall Reflections

In the fall, I tend to reflect on the past year as I start to make my home cozy for the winter. My artworks have been juried into several shows this last year in spite of Covid 19 forcing us all to hibernate like squirrels. The colors of fall always signify the end of summer and tell me we will soon have a blanket of white and cold temperatures to deal with.

I have gained a new studio companion as I lost my precious Oscar last November shortly before his 17th birthday. Loki is a rescue dog who is about 4 years old and has lost a bit of her ears from frostbite. She seems to be enjoying being pampered and spoiled and is very obedient and protective. Maybe she will keep out some of the studio pests so I can paint more! LOL

Thanksgiving is upon us and I must say, I do have a lot to be thankful for. I was able to be fully vaccinated before I could catch Covid 19, my cancer checkups have all been clear with no sign of it returning, and I have not had a serious flare for quite some time! All my children and grandchildren are healthy and we will be able to share Thanksgiving dinner with the closest of our family. I am also very grateful to all of you who have supported my art journey in so many ways. To those of you who have purchased a piece of my art, I hope it brings you as much pleasure as I had in creating it.

I am spending my days thinking about what has worked in the past year, what hasn't worked and what if I try something different this year? I do feel more confident and ready to get out into the world with my art so let's hope the world cooperates this year!

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