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Crossing the Globe - Sri Lanka

Maria Abeyesekere is a self-taught artist from Sri Lanka who creates unique, realistic works of art. Through her carefully crafted pieces of art, she has brought joy and satisfaction to her clients for over two decades.

Maria's passion for art has been lifelong and her passion for creating and exploring art is in her very core. She uses oils, acrylics, and pencils and focuses mainly on creating wildlife and florals on small to oversized canvases. Maria loves painting still life, portraiture and landscapes as well.

Her love for art and painting was profoundly influenced by her ancestral homes. As a child, she was fascinated by the artefacts and portraits of her ancestors painted by English painters in the colonial era. To this day, she continues to be inspired by the beauty and power of art, and strives to capture the essence of her subjects in her paintings.

When Maria was 14 years old, a school art teacher saw her potential and pushed to take her art studies further. He saw a bright future for Maria as an artist, and he wanted to help her reach her full potential but she had to continue her studies in business and worked as a Head of Marketing. Her marriage was a turning point in her life. She left her marketing career and became a full time artist and ever since she has been living with her husband and son in the highlands working from her home studio in the wild.

Maria's dad played a major role in her art journey. He gave her money to buy her art supplies and pushed her to take a leap and follow her dream. Her work is inspired by life and the people around her, and she strives to bring the same joy and beauty to those who appreciate it.

In 1990 she won the Best Young Artist Award at a juried art competition in Colombo and Portrait of the Show at an exhibition held in Germany. She was awarded for art many times locally and internationally. She has been juried into international exhibitions and invited to represent her Country at prestigious art shows.

Maria's mission is to make art accessible to all. She strives to offer art pieces that are not only beautiful, but also affordable, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of original art and use this talent to support the needy. She can be found at