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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

What gets your adrenaline pumping more than running for your life? Or more than chasing down a meal? For me, it is getting an idea for a painting that I just can't wait to get started on! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all painting, whether it is a commission or an entry for a show, but sometimes an idea will overcome you and you have to get it painted now. I am starting 2022 with more passion and drive for painting than ever before! I sure hope my husband doesn't mind making his own dinner while I paint!

A viewer mentioned this poem which suits this painting perfectly:

Crystal Moment

by Robert P. T. Coffin (1892–1955)

Once or twice this side of death

Things can make one hold his breath.

From my boyhood I remember A crystal moment of September.

A wooded island rang with sounds Of church bells in the throats of hounds.

A buck leaped out and took the tide With jewels flowing past each side.

With his head high like a tree He swam within a yard of me.

I saw the golden drop of light In his eyes turned dark with fright.

I saw the forest’s holiness On him like a fierce caress.

Fear made him lovely past belief, My heart was trembling like a leaf.

He leans towards the land and life With need above him like a knife.

In his wake the hot hounds churned They stretched their muzzles out and yearned.

They bayed no more, but swam and throbbed Hunger drove them till they sobbed.

Pursued, pursuers reached the shore And vanished. I saw nothing more.

So they passed, a pageant such As only gods could witness much,

Life and death upon one tether And running beautiful together.

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